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Stock rom for Advan X7 Pro (S7E)

 Stock rom for Advan X7 Pro (S7E)


·         ADVAN_X7Pro_8.0.048.P1.190417.S7E.SHYJ_ADVAN_S7E_OE.rar | AFH | OneDrive | GDrive2


  1. First of all, Download Firmware zip file
  2. Now Download latest YGDP Tool for your PC: YGDP_Setup_V4.0.3_Customer.rar | AFH | OneDrive | GDrive2
  3. Make sure you downloaded the smartphone drivers for your PC: Driver_Spreadtrum.rar
  4. After installing YGDP tool, just click and open the YGDP tool on your computer
  5. If it ask for password on the first run, use the password below and Click Login: 9527

  6. Now click on Config and select the .CPB file

  7. Browse .CBP file from firmware folder and click on Apply.

  8. Now Switch off your device and connect to PC in ‘bootloader mode’ under “recovery menu”.
  9. Now, click on Start button to start the installation process.

  10. You will see ‘Successful Upgrade‘ message after successful installation.



Advan X7 Pro

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